What she is

What she is/1 „She is pretty“Is she thinking secretlySoft shirtActing sensitively „She is breath-taking“When she sees herHer legs are shakingDoes she care? „She is them“Covered in assumptionsabout right, wrong, himWas love never an option? „She is my romance“But what about men?Aren‘t they her only chanceto be like them? „She is like me“Scared about peopleTurning their... Weiterlesen →

Oh dear friend

Air as freezing as my feet, oh mydear just have a seatlook at me myforehead sweatysay it to me: Are you ready? Skin as dry as gin in bottlesYour crying facedisarming drawnYour fate unknownOh dear friend,don't be sad Mirror as reflective as your thoughtsYou look at mestraight out of itlike a ghost youfollow me , seeforgive... Weiterlesen →

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