What she is

What she is/1

She is pretty“
Is she thinking secretly
Soft shirt
Acting sensitively
She is breath-taking“
When she sees her
Her legs are shaking
Does she care?
She is them“
Covered in assumptions
about right, wrong, him
Was love never an option?
She is my romance“
But what about men?
Aren‘t they her only chance
to be like them?
She is like me“
Scared about people
Turning their backs
Everyone‘s satisfaction
Still unreachable
But my love interest
is hard facts

What she is/ 2

„She is attentively“
is she thinking casually
Messed up hair
Careful listener
„She is attractive
like no one else“
but only the way
a good friend would say?
She hides her thoughts
what drives she crazy
„She is free“
Even if she’s not
Is she thinking lonely
„Confident walk
Closer to her reality“
She looks at her
different lately
„She is open-minded, confident
by telling who she is.
Could I ever be like this?“
She matches her, but only in minds
In many countries: Only a romantic crime

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