Oh dear friend

Air as freezing as my
 feet, oh my
dear just have a seat
look at me my
forehead sweaty
say it to me:

Are you ready?

Skin as dry
as gin in bottles
Your crying face
disarming drawn
Your fate unknown
Oh dear friend,
don’t be sad

Mirror as reflective
as your thoughts
You look at me
straight out of it
like a ghost you
follow me , see
forgive yourself
inside of you,
inside of me
we’ll be free

Tonight we sit
on the wing chair
I hold the mirror
in my sweaty hands
All night long
my sorrows heavy
I’ve been sitting
here alone
talking to myself

Forgiveness as the key…

…smoothed my own way
One day I’ll like my faults
as much as I hated them
But oh dear self,
don’t be sad at all
instead intend to
rise and not to fall

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